Sunday, November 30, 2008

Texas’ Medicaid Reform Helps Poor Get Health Insurance

In an attempt to reduce the reliance on expensive, hospital-based care to make primary and preventive care affordable for the working poor, Texas is creating a new state-administered "Health Opportunity Pool." The plan submitted to the ...

Top Insurance Radio Commercial

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FAQs, updated Help Me Out, insurance and customer (non)relations

I’ve added a Frequently Asked Questions page! More like “frequently liable for asking” but I thought I’d cut to the chase.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pet Health Care Insurance

Recent revelations in scientific research have provided pet owners with the means to now save their beloved family pets from injuries and diseases that would have caused the pet to be euthanized in the not so distant past.

Real estate insurance has become more expensive

After the last flooding in the Great Britain, millions of people will be compelled to pay on the average on 10 % more, than earlier, for the real estate insurance.

News - National Insurance explained

The National Insurance system pays for a number of benefits and the retirement pension. Most people who work have to pay National Insurance Contributions (NI) unless they are one of the groups who are exempt from the system.

How Your Insurance Rates And Premiums Affect Your Insurance Coverage

Insurance rates are used to determine the premium that you will pay for any insurance cover. Bear in mind that the premium is not the only fctor you need to evaluate when considering an insurance policy.